Tips on How to Incorporate a More Positive Flow of Energy into Your Life

Arranging a home to hold happiness in place is the primary goal of feng shui. ~ Terah Kathryn Collins

Colour affects our mood, feelings, and emotions. It’s that simple. Glancing at a particular colour can leave you feeling anxious, or stressed, or calm and relaxed.

If you’ve been to a spa, you’ve probably noticed the use of the colour blue on the walls, or in the accents used to decorate the spa. That’s because no other colour helps us unwind like the colour blue. It triggers feelings of peace and relaxation instantly, and has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress. Adding hints of blue throughout your home will help you unwind each time your eye catches the colour.

Toying with the idea of adding simple touches of blue to your living space? You may want to go a step further and set your sights on achieving a more positive flow of energy throughout your home by incorporating feng shui into your daily life. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of spatial laws that dates back more than 3,000 years. It is believed that the placement of furniture and other household items can effect a positive energy flow meant to improve your mood, finances, and life in general.

Here are five household feng shui tips that will get your energy flow moving in the positive direction:

  1. Keep your foyer clutter-free — the foyer is known for being a place in the home that becomes overrun with coats, shoes, boots, and backpacks. Clutter can make one feel lethargic and is thought to attract negative energy.
  2. Place the couch against a wall — the living room is typically the first room seen by visitors as they enter a home. A couch floating in the centre of the room is believed to interrupt the flow of energy. A couch anchored to the side of a wall (it doesn’t have to be touching the wall but should be close to it) is said to provide support and stability to those residing in the home.
  3. Let natural light flow through your family room — don’t cover up the windows in your family with heavy drapery. Natural light, and lots of it, contributes to the flow of positive energy.
  4. Avoid metal headboards, especially those with railings — according to feng shui laws, the bed is the most important furniture in a home because of the amount of time spent in it. A solid headboard, with wood being the preferred material, will provide your body with a sense of support as you sleep.
  5. Fix a leaky faucet — be it in the bathroom or the kitchen, a drippy or leaky faucet is a definite feng shui no-no. A faulty faucet is a symbol that your money draining away.

Has our feng shui list left you feeling a wee bit overwhelmed at the thought of reworking every room in your home? Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, hold for three seconds, and exhale. Open your eyes. Next, steal a moment to look at an image with sky and water.

Notice the variations of blues above and below the horizon. It’s bound to help change your mood for the better.

When you feel ready to work towards incorporating more household feng shui tips into your daily life, please visit HGTV.

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